about me

My name is Edwina and having been involved with fitness for over 20 years, I qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

It’s  my passion to help support women at their mid-stage of life learn and understand they have nothing to fear by lifting heavy weights.  Not only will you reach your aesthetic goals, you will look and feel both physically and mentally stronger.

Our 40s and 50s are a key stage in our life when our hormones become out of balance and our bodies seem to be changing at a rate we cannot explain or fathom.  What we could once eat or drink seems to now appear on our body overnight, and never leave!

Unfortunately this is a combination of ageing and menopause.  

We all begin to lose muscle tissue in our 30’s, however for women, sadly this process speeds up later on with our declining oestrogen.  Loss of muscle in turn forces our metabolism to slow down, while we continue to eat and drink as we have always done.  Hence the sudden weight gain.


My PT programmes will show you how to take back control of your body.  You will build up your muscle tissue through strength training, burn fat with HIIT training and in turn improve your metabolic rate.



In addition to my PT sessions, my 12 week Wellness Coaching programme will help you to understand how to change your mindset around food and alcohol and identify behaviours that are no longer supporting you. Taking it step by step, I will give you the tools to help you stay in control of making mindful nutrition choices that fuel your body.  You will learn to lose weight for the last time and feel confident with your new, sustainable lifestyle plan  

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