about me

My name is Edwina Jenner and it’s my passion to help support women learn and understand they have nothing to fear by lifting heavy weights.  Not only will you reach your aesthetic goals, you will look and feel both physically and mentally stronger.

Having been involved with fitness for over 20 years, I qualified as a personal trainer and StrengthWorx was born. I’m busy working mum juggling family life, time pressures and family demands. I completely understand that finding balance to fit fitness into your life is hard.  In fact, sometimes it feels impossible.

So our starting point together will be creating a positive, attainable workout program for you that will keep you motivated, be challenging, but achievable and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have years of workouts behind you, my StrengthWorx programs will shape your butt, tone your arms, strengthen your back, and define your abs – and all without getting on a cardio machine!

Your sessions will take place at my home studio. This setup allows for both privacy when training, and flexibility when booking sessions to accommodate your weekly schedule and what is convenient for you.


And yes, we will talk about nutrition.  But I do not believe in depriving you or turning your life upside down to reach your fitness goals.  We will take a steady approach and introduce some new habits that you can achieve within your current lifestyle.  Taking it step by step and giving you tools to help you stay in control of making mindful nutrition choices that fuel your body.

There is absolutely a place for all types of fitness in our lives to enjoy.  But I truly believe, and have experienced first hand, the immeasurable positive physical and mental effects from strength training, which I would love to share with you.

Please go to my contact page to book your free first session.