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I offer one-to-one personal training sessions which are held in the privacy of my studio at home.

Your first session will be free.  In this session we will spend time training and time discussing your goals and what you would like me to help you to achieve.

During your regular training sessions, we will be doing a total body workout to hit all your major muscles, which will increase your strength and endurance and improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Sessions are both fun and challenging as it’s my aim to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.

I use a mixture of training techniques and equipment including olympic bars, dumbbells. resistance bands, barbells, cables, TRX and kettle bells, along with your own body weight to ensure we work your muscles in varying ways. We will also do some HIIT training to ensure your heart rate stays elevated as incorporating cardio into your fitness is important, but it does not have to be unenjoyable or unending. Short bursts of cardio coupled with lifting weights at the right intensity will help you to reach your goals.

Get in touch today to arrange your free trial session.


1-2-1 Pricing

£50 x single session

£45 x 8 sessions = £360

£42 x 12 sessions = £504


3 x nutrition coaching sessions and a bespoke nutrition plan to support your fitness goals